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2010 Day

Michael Oster

"It’s All About Attitude"

This presentation helps us take a look inside ourselves and see where we are in finding the relevant purpose in what we do and reminds us how to add passion to that purpose. It challenges the listener to honestly self evaluate themselves and walks them through a process to improve all areas of their life. It motivates people to act to
improve themselves and those around them. It creates excitement in the outlook of their future both personally and professionally. And ultimately, it creates a recognition of the power within our own minds and what is possible with a positive attitude, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

This presentation covers areas from, how to “smile yourself out of bed” and “make it a great day” to proper setting and tracking of goals and becoming what we want to be through believing you are already there! All of this is presented in highly motivated and humorous manner ensuring you not only learn but laugh a lot too!

Malcom "Chap" Chapman

"Change, Make It Happen"

Mr. Chapman is an experienced trainer with innovative and disciplined approaches for building partnerships. Malcom specializes in tailoring training programs and individualized coaching to the needs of the client. He offers consulting and course work based on a model he designed, known as Harvesting the Company Mind©. This model is a corporate knowledge cycle, consistently producing information about customer needs to improve service and production.

He conducts seminars and speeches nationwide and has motivated thousands toward peak performance and high achievement. “Chap”, started his professional sales career after leaving the service as a US Marine Corps Captain. In 1996 he started the Chapman Group. In 1999 Malcom was one of the founders of the Black Hills Society for Training and Development. He has also done consulting for the Center for Naval Analysis, a Washington, DC naval think tank, on base closing issues as it relates to the community’s youth.

V. J. Smith

"The Richest Man in Town"

This talk tells the story of the life of ‘Marty’, a wonderful man who ran a cash register at Wal-Mart. He was considered rich because he was loved and respected, but most of all, he was content with every aspect of his life, no regrets. Marty’s simple philosophies show what happens when you take the time to be kind and compassionate. All that you give, you get back, and more. Audience members will go on an emotional roller coaster ride... guaranteed.

Smith’s book, The Richest Man in Town, was selfpublished in June 2005. The book is based on the relationship Smith had with an elderly man (Marty) who ran a cash register at a local Wal-Mart store. By July 2007 the book was in its 10th printing. Since then, the book has been published by the inspirational book company Simple Truths Inc. which has taken it to a worldwide audience. Smith doesn’t disclose how many books have been printed other than saying, “I never imagined for a single moment that so many people would read the story. It’s a thrill to receive a note from someone in Brazil or India and they share their personal observations about the book. I find it remarkable.”

Bryan Flanagan

"But Am I Still Growing"

Bryan is the Director of Corporate Training for Zig Ziglar Corporation in Dallas, Texas. He began his career as a delivery boy for the IBM Corporation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He then invested the next 14 years with IBM as a salesman, a “people” manager, and a sales instructor at IBM’s national training center.