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2016 Day

JON PETZ Casual Lores


“It’s SHOWTIME… and Life Isn’t a Dress Rehearsal”

Sponsored by Black Hills Federal Credit Union

Jon Petz’s fascinating, fast-paced and funny presentation encourages both purpose and passion. At any given time it might be YOUR time to fully engage, achieve greatness, and rise above the rest. You might not be expecting the spotlight, but when it hits we must perform at our best. That’s SHOWTIME! Jon shares how you can be ready, willing, and excited to take the spotlight and make a difference. His message is infused with humor that will have you laughing out loud and inspired to do more, be more, and achieve more than you even though possible. Jon loves to enjoy life and will help you fully engage your own, rekindling your passion in who you are and what you do!

Patrick Snow Headshot (Hawaii)

PATRICK SNOW - aka The Dean of Destiny

“Create Your Own Destiny”

Sponsored by Synchrony Financial

Patrick Snow, aka “The Dean of Destiny,” will electrify, leaving you ready to dream, plan, and execute a better future despite challenges and life circumstances. It is one of the great questions of life. It’s a simple question, really, but it seems impossible for many to answer: Do we control our own destiny? Patrick guides you to create your own destiny and get exactly what you want out of life and work. He firmly believes we can all achieve our individual and organizational destiny when we “Dream, Plan, Execute, and Soar.” Learn how to turn your current distress into personal success by applying leadership principles, embracing change, balancing family and work, and achieving your vision! Put your own fate exactly where it belongs… in your hands.

Meagan Johnson


“Zap the Gap”

Sponsored by Black Hills Energy

Meagan is the de-facto expert when it comes to navigating the maze of generational quandaries every organization faces. As a generational expert, Meagan knows each generation has differences and strengths that go beyond mere age and appearance. She shares facts and humorous innuendos about each generation and how best to work with or manage them. Learn how to capture Baby Boomer talent before it evaporates, keep Generation X satisfied to retain them, prepare Generation Y to manage other generations, and how to make your workplace Millennial-friendly. You will leave with a better understanding of your own generation and with an appreciation for other generations. Meagan is a must-hear for employers and employees alike.

Kenyon Sale lores

KENYON SALO - aka The James Bond of Speaking

“The Bucket List Life™”

Sponsored by Independent Insurance Agents of Rapid City

Buckle your seat belts as Kenyon Salo, aka “The James Bond of Speaking and Keynote Engagements,” instills the grit and inspiration needed to get out and do the big things by living “The Bucket List Life™.” Kenyon believes, “Life is an adventure…do not die without one!” This double meaning phrase runs deep within his soul and drives him to embrace each and every day. Learn to stay in ‘Fired-Up Action’ mode with the phenomenal experiences you create in life, from the inspirational moments shared with friends, family, and those that cross your path to feeling ultimately fulfilled by the people you invite into your world and help along their way. This high energy session takes what you have learned during the entire ‘Day’ and sets you in motion for success.